When I look at him, I wonder… 
If he has problems too 
If he has secrets
If he has trouble sleeping at night
If he cries
If he has a dark side inside 
If he pretends to be happy like I do
If he has a mask on
Or is he really just perfect? 
She was the one who showed me all the dark wonders of life, the real life, the life I’d only seen flickering from the corner of my eye.

Anonymous asked:

Sen cok güzel bir kizsin , özül dilerim türkce yazdigim icin, cünkü bende türkiyeden geliyorum ve almanyadayim :-)

Çok teşekkür ederim 😊

We are all the same under our skin, aren’t we? We’re all wanting things we don’t understand. Things we can’t even name. The yearning so deep, like pinions over our hearts.